Kombucha List

Hearty Woodsman Ginger

This bracing bevvy is most definitely the full ginger! With the perfect amount of organic ginger and lemon, The Woodsman will cut a swath through thirst and brain fog with ease. He also is right at home on the edge of the water, gazing out at the loons. Sen-si-tive.

Sturdy Girl Apple Cinnamon

One of Minnesota’s most enjoyable times of year is apple season…and that’s what we’re trying to capture here. Organic apple juice, and Saigon cinnamon give this kombucha a light crispness that is perfect in any season. No need to keep your hands and feet inside the hay ride on this one.

Lookout Lemon Berry

Always be on the lookout for wild raspberries and blueberries on the trail- a hidden treat when portaging or hiking. This refreshing blueberry, raspberry and lemon kombucha gives you that invigorating boost that will propel you around one more bend in the river…or ten. Nope. We’re not lost. Really.