A long time ago (around 200 bc), in a land far far away (the tsin dynasty), a drink known as “the tea of immortality” started to gain notoriety as a miracle elixir. Spread around the world by trade routes and it’s touted benefits, it has gained many names throughout history. Despite it’s many travels, it’s brewing methods and ingredients remain the same- tea, fermentable sugar, and an amazing example of nature workin’ together, the mother scoby (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast). While that may seem simple, this harmonious organic process yields a wide variety of good stuff that keeps your body movin’ and shakin’.

Bootlegger Brewing growler and bottles of kombucha
Bootlegger Brewing Whopper Melon kombucha tea
Bootlegger Brewing growler of tea


We here at Bootlegger Brewing have taken a family culture (she’s older than we are!) and lovingly convinced her to share her age old secrets, hearty goodness and one of a kind flavor with all of you. We gently coax anti-oxidants, vitamins, and minerals out of our organic, fair trade teas through a cold brew process, add organic evaporated cane juice, which we then offer up to our SCOBY as fuel. In exchange she converts all that into beneficial organic acids, vitamins and enzymes- along with live probiotic cultures that keep your belly and body happy. Then we flavor it with organic fruit juices and a little Minnesota nice, and bottle it up right here. The result is a fizzy, tart-sweet, refreshing beverage with no unhealthy stuff whatsoever.

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Whether you are chopping holes in the ice, fleeing mosquito armies, portaging your pack or enjoying a kickback around the fire pit, Bootlegger Kombucha will make sure you feel great while doing it.